Lawyers are not always good business people. We like to see ourselves as skilled in the practice of law, and we like to imagine that being capable attorneys is all that matters. That is just not so. Practicing law is not that different from other types of business. 

A successful law firm must also pay attention to the business side of its practice, and the business side is similar to all other types of industry.
What is the Business Side of a Law Practice?
While education about the business side of a law practice is glaringly absent in most law school curricula, it is essential. Think about a few businesses that you believe to be well run, and think about whether you can incorporate those principles into your:

How Can I Market My Law Firm Effectively?
Any good small business needs an effective marketing plan. Your law firm is no different. You need a good law firm marketing plan in place that attracts new clients and makes it clear why they should contact you. Your legal marketing campaign should set you apart from your competition and showcase your unique attributes.

The business side of a small law firm and small law firm marketing strategies are often overlooked. Yet both are critically important to the success of your firm. If you are a small law firm with five or fewer attorneys and an existing website, we invite you to contact us at 703.591.9829 to discuss the future of your business.
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