Are Yellow Page Online Enhancements Worth It?

"Enhanced listings" is a term we now hear everywhere online: eBay, dating sites, and even Yellow Pages. In most cases it's nothing more than a bolded title and different colored box on the listing background.

Yellow Pages offers enhanced listings in various stages that offer graphic space, a slogan line, descriptive text space, and linking to your website. Is this a good thing? Maybe, but you're going to have to use your new listing real estate space to do some great eye-catching advertising, because anyone can purchase these ‘enhancements' for their ad.

The Video Profile enhancement actually has some merit. In my book, Great Legal Marketing, I stress the importance of getting on the online video bandwagon. You want your clients to be familiar with you before they decide you're their new lawyer. Don't jump too quick at this one, though, and do a little price research first. YouTube is the leading online video website and it's free - but it doesn't have an optional production crew (which is most likely costly too).

You're going to get the same mileage out of the YPclicks! and website solutions as you would with any good SEO company. These enhancements have little to do with your actual Yellow Pages ad and more with your website and traffic.

Learn more about my take on Yellow Pages marketing and how you can make it work for you if you really want it to. 

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Ben Glass
Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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