Are You a Starbucks Latte or a Gas Station Cup of Coffee?

Consumers will drive out of their way to the gourmet coffeehouse, wait in a long line, pay nearly $5.00 for coffee and then wait another five minutes for their drink.  Have you ever wondered what prompts these people to not only pay such a high fee for coffee, but to go through all of the hassle, when they can easily grab a cup of coffee at the local gas station?

People go to Starbucks for the experience and will plan their route accordingly.  Those who are only looking for coffee will pull into the nearest gas station or fast food restaurant to get what they need.  The second group is comprised of consumers who view coffee as a commodity.  In your opinion, which group of customers would be better to work with?

Many attorneys act in such a way that they become perceived as a commodity. Don’t let yourself be one of them.


Here’s What Not to Do

You do not need to be available 24 hours a day to your clients.  They do not need your personal cell phone number.  You also don’t have to accept every case that ends up in your office.  If you are afraid that you will miss the big job, because you don’t make yourself accessible and don’t take on every new client, here is some news for you - you are already missing opportunities.

It is time that you took control of your practice.  Create a complex lawyer marketing system and use it to find your ideal clients.  Follow up with your database on a regular basis and educate them on the type of cases you want. 

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