Too many attorneys are scared of turning a profit with their law practice. They might not realize this and will vehemently deny it if you call them on it, but it's true. If you look at the way these lawyers run their practices (or more accurately, let their practices run them) they are clearly frightened of the prospect of enjoying the financial fruits of their labor.

Maybe this fear of profit comes from the negative connotations that much of the public holds about attorneys. These lawyers have become so crippled by the fear of appearing greedy or money-grubbing, that they fail to operate their business in a manner that will turn a tidy profit.

In order to be successful, you must think of building wealth in bold new terms.
The seminars and mastermind groups I operate through Great Legal Marketing discuss how successful business owners-including entrepreneurial attorneys-approach the profit/loss aspect of running a wealth-building enterprise.

As a business leader, every strategy you implement, including your legal marketing plan, should be a reflection of your profit goals, and my proven marketing strategies can help get you there. 

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