A lot of attorneys are cost-conscious when it comes to advertising. Ideally, they would like marketing ideas that have a low cost and a big return. So when they see how much it costs to send out an informational packet via postal mail, they’re wondering if they it will actually get bring in enough customers to be worth the investment.

But there’s more to that big mailing packet than meets the eye. Of course, the packet is full of great information that sets you up to be an expert in your field in the customer’s eyes, but there are also hidden marketing techniques in that envelope as well.

Here are three ways a home-delivered informational packet benefits your legal marketing system:

1.      A multi-media experience. If people don’t want to read all the information you send out, they have the option of watching the DVD or listening to the CD you included.

2.      Slow and steady messages. Once you send out the information the client requested, you can continue to send more on a steady, regular basis. This way, even if a customer has not contacted you again or is talking to other attorneys, he is still receiving packages, e-mail messages, or newsletters from you. Yours become the default name he thinks of when the subject turns to lawyers.

3.      Something to talk about. Your information is sitting in the prospective client’s house, doing your marketing work for you. You now have a reason to contact that client to follow up in a few days. Asking if the client received the information and if he has any questions keeps your contact with him low-key—unlike the other attorneys he has been talking with, who are pushing him to sign a contract).

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Ben Glass
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