There are lots of ways to teach a potential client how to shop for attorneys and—believe it or not—the most effective ones aren’t underhanded or insincere. In fact, some of the very best ones will speak compassionately to the difficult situation your prospect is in and offer some guidance through the decision process.


We know it can be hard to face a blank screen, so we’re going to throw out a few angles you can take on attorney buying criteria in your education-based marketing library articles, blog posts, and FAQ responses to get the ball rolling:

  • When you need a lawyer
  • When you might be able to handle a case yourself
  • What to look for in an attorney
  • What makes a good attorney in this practice area
  • Common problems with attorneys in this practice area
  • Tricks attorneys use in their advertising
  • Good (or bad) reasons to hire an attorney
  • Types of cases we specialize in
  • Why we don’t take some cases
  • Why you don’t want a lawyer who takes every case
  • What happens in an initial consultation
  • What to ask an attorney during the initial consultation
  • Making the first contact
  • Don’t let panic make the decision for you
  • Dealing with outside pressure in choosing an attorney


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