As a Legal Guru, Your Blog Is Your Image

There are 3 major points to remember when starting a blog for your law firm: 

  • #1 - Write often
  • #2 - Write relevant
  • #3 - Write using keywords 

These 3 points can help you write the kind of blogs your clients actually want to read and boost your search engine rankings so those clients can actually find you online.

Consistently publishing new blogs lets people know that this is an actual blog written by a person and not just a computer generated repost of stale information. Relevance is also important, so you're going to want to: 

  • keep it simple;
  • talk about the areas of law you practice; and
  • inject your personality into each post. 

The keywords you use in your posts make the search engines more likely to index your entries and lead new clients to your website.

A few more legal marketing tips on establishing your image through blogging:

  • Know your audience - if you're trying to hook your ideal clients, write about what's relevant to their demographic. An 80-year-old may not be very concerned with new child care laws, but a 30-something mother of 2 probably will be.
  • Keep it short - This blog entry is less than 400 words and yours should be too; Internet readers don't want to invest a lot of time.
  • Write calls-to-action - don't just tell them what, tell them how. Top 10 lists, "how to" guides, and guiding them on how to get more information are great ways to engage your clients.
  • Tell secrets - people love to think they're learning something no one else knows. This boosts your image as the legal guru, too.
  • Invite discussion - allow comments, and make sure you keep an eye on them. Interact with your readers, prove you're real and you know your stuff. 

Your image as the legal guru is just beginning with these tips on blogging. For the other 4 must-have pieces of your new celebrity image, check out our article on becoming the legal guru in your world

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