In a recent article, we discussed the five biggest benefits of using automated marketing software to follow up with potential clients. But even though automated marketing sounds great for you, is it great for the person receiving the emails, too? Below are a few great benefits of attorney automated marketing for your potential clients:

  • They are reminded of their interest. After a person contacts your office—for a free offer or for any other reason—he may simply be sidetracked or unsure of the next step when he fails to follow through. A series of emails or other communication after the initial contact may act as a friendly reminder that he was going to call and set up an appointment.
  • They learn information that they need. Many, if not all, of the people who contact you are seeking information and answers. They welcome more information and more answers—and if they haven’t yet contacted you for a meeting or to speak on the phone, they may well still have the legal issue that they had when they requested a free offer or sent filled out a contact form.
  • They feel welcomed and wanted. Some clients simply need an extra nudge. They are intimidated by calling an attorney, they aren’t sure if you are the right choice, or they are putting off a big decision like hiring a lawyer. Follow-up emails can make them feel more comfortable with you and with their decision to move forward.

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