Finding the time to devote to law firm marketing is essential to the success of a growing law firm. Unfortunately, too many lawyers fail to recognize the time that is wasted on unproductive activities throughout each day. If these incidents can be identified and eliminated, countless minutes and hours are instantly freed up for lawyer marketing.
The following are helpful tips for attorneys looking for ways to find more time for marketing without having to spend longer hours at the office.
  • Schedule specific times on the daily calendar devoted specifically to the law firm marketing campaign
  • Refrain from utilizing personal social media accounts until after the work day is over
  • Limit personal emails and phone calls to the extent possible
  • Carefully plan each day, prioritizing client tasks accordingly
  • Delegate tasks as much as possible, and where appropriate, to support staff
  • Take breaks at scheduled times and for a planned allotment of minutes
  • Spend time at the end of each week or month analyzing how time was used efficiently and areas that need improvement
  • Treat personal time as off limits for legal work, and reserve personal activities for those hours

By following these tips, the lawyer will learn to work smarter and more efficiently without requiring additional work hours. The benefit to the attorney is more time for billable work, a steady commitment to marketing and increased enjoyment of personal time outside of the office.
Successful attorney marketing strategies understand the value of time and maximize efficient use of attorney time. To learn more, contact the legal marketing experts at Great Legal Marketing. For more information, fill out our online form or call our office at 703-591-9829.
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