Promotional advertising, like all forms of attorney marketing, is only as successful as you make it. If you give little thought to it and do not take the steps necessary to find the right promotional item and distribute it correctly, then you are not likely to be successful with your promotional advertising legal marketing efforts.

The following are three tips for effective promotional advertising that we encourage all small law firms to consider when creating their own promotional advertising campaigns.
3 Tips for Effective Promotional Advertising
  • Identify your target audience. Decide whom you want to provide your promotional items to and what kind of items that group might want. For example, are you providing items to a networking or referral group or directly to prospective clients?
  • Identify how the target audience will use the item. Where are they likely to use it? Will the item be used often and/or in a location that will make them think of you if they need a lawyer in your field?
  • Set the tone. What message do you want to get across and how do you want to do it? Are you trying to emphasize a specific and unique aspect of your experience, are you emphasizing your compassion, or something else?

How to Learn More About Promotional Advertising
Lawyer marketing through promotional advertising can help you get the clients you want for your law firm. If you are interested in learning more about using promotional advertising effectively for your attorney marketing purposes, then we encourage you to browse the resources available on our website and call us directly at 703.591.9829.
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