In order for your attorney marketing strategy to be effective, you need to get inside your prospect’s head.


Building and gathering informative and persuasive multimedia content is only one step in making an law firm marketing website that will convert web browsers into contacts for your firm. It’s crucial to have a sense of what path a browser might take through your website, what they will see at every point in their browsing, and what could be the trigger to their taking the next step in an information request.


First determine a visitor’s most likely point of entry. Though we’re seeing more and more emphasis on video content in search results, there’s a strong chance that most of your visitors will come in through your text library. The text the visitor finds must be strong enough to engage her interest and keep her clicking through.


Linking to a related video piece in each of your library articles has the double benefit of appealing to visual learners and introducing you, in person, to the prospect. Being able to hear your voice and see your mannerisms has profound persuasive power.


Do all roads lead to an education-based marketing book request? Your book is often what will make the sale for you, so emphasizing it as the focal point of your website by mentioning or linking to it on every page, just like you do your practice areas.


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