Many lawyers who are meticulous in the practice of law make mistakes in their small law firm marketing. Specifically, they make mistakes after they have put up their websites, advertisements, and other innovative legal marketing materials. Our legal marketing consultants don’t want you to be one of these lawyers. We want you to understand their mistakes and avoid them so that you can practice your profession the way that you want to and live your life on your terms.

What Mistakes? How Can I Avoid Them?
Creating legal marketing materials that attract attention and influence people to contact your firm is only the first step in effective attorney marketing. Next, you have to figure out what to do with the people who contact your firm. Many lawyers drop the marketing ball at this step of the marketing game because they:
  • Don’t track who has contacted them. You can’t follow up with people who have visited your website and requested information from your firm if you don’t know how to reach them.
  • Don’t follow up with the contacts if they don’t take their case. The person who contacted you might not have a case now but may have a case you want in the future. It is important to continue to market to these contacts, through things such as regular newsletters.

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