Back Up Your Legal Marketing Claims

It's a good rule of thumb to refrain from making any claims that you can't back up through evidence or action. This holds especially true in the world of legal marketing, where your words are often the determining factor over whether or not a client hires you.

When developing those "hook" phrases that grab your clients' attention and make them want to read more about you, make sure that what you're saying is not only entirely truthful, but also that it can be proven should your honesty be questioned.

The use of generic, vague phrases like "highest rated" or "biggest verdict in the area" sound impressive to the unaware client, but what if you get the savvy client who questions your claims. Highest rated by who? If you can't answer (and prove) an A/V Martindale-Hubbell rating or other legitimate evaluator, you're not being truthful.

The biggest verdict claim is also a tough one to advertise, because what may have been true at the time of your settlement could have changed since your case closed. Also, how do you determine your "area" - your city, county, state, or is it the office building you're in?

Because lawyer advertising is not only subject to approval by the legal marketing channel you're using, but also the state Bar, you need to be mindful of what you're saying. In my article on being truthful in your lawyer advertising, I touch on some examples of where legal marketing went horribly wrong because of misleading information and unethical claims. 

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