Back Up Your Online Marketing Efforts with Tracking and Follow-Up

Maintaining a fully functional and well-designed website for your law firm is critical to your success as a lawyer trying to attract new clients to your firm. While some areas still have use for the Yellow Pages, the vast majority of your clients will likely locate you on the Internet, so you need to be prepared and understand how to appeal to your ideal clientele online.

That being said, the best online marketing efforts are wasted if you don't have a backup system in place to support it. For your law firm's website, that backup comes in the form of tracking your success and following up accordingly.

If you don't know how many leads your website is attracting, how will you know what's working and what isn't?
You could be throwing thousands of dollars away every month by not tracking the success of your website.

There are a few ways to do this, but the essentials include: 

  • Have a dedicated 800 number tied exclusively to your website. This way you know exactly how many leads you are attracting through your website if a client chooses to call you instead of completing the contact form on your site. 
  • Create a working database to track your leads. The details you should record in this database should include all of your leads, along with information detailing exactly how each client found you and what follow-up occurred. Your database will be your marketing lifeline and will help you ensure that all of your leads are being tracked and addressed correctly.  
  • Create a follow-up schedule for all leads. This means more than just calling any potential client who contacts you (which of course should always be done in a timely manner), but creating a routine of follow-ups that include sending information to your potential client regularly. In my Great Legal Marketing mastermind groups, we're constantly discussing strategies for sharing information with clients that will keep you fresh in their mind long after their initial meeting or phone call with you.  

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