If you have invested the time and resources to crafting an effective legal website, chances are that your site is targeted carefully towards a select group of potential clients and is filled with search engine optimization keywords. These are important steps to your attorney marketing campaign; however, there is still more that must be done. In order for your website to attract the most potential clients, it must be carefully written to appeal quickly and persuasively to potential clients.

To ensure that the copy of your law firm website effectively attracts clients, remember to maintain the principle that it’s “not about you.” Instead, the copy should appeal only to what matters to your potential clients. The following are helpful tips for carrying out this attorney marketing principle:

  1. Understand that visitors to your website will make quick decisions as to whether your firm can help them or not. Studies have shown that most web searchers only allow about 15 to 30 seconds for their attention to be captured before they move on to another website.
  2. Relate to your potential clients as a human being first, and as a lawyer second.
  3. Make it clear from the beginning how much knowledge your law firm has to offer.
  4. Write the copy to address the needs of the potential client.
  5. Copy should be written with a compassionate tone.
  6. Copy should focus on the issues faced by the potential client, not the background of the law firm.
  7. Avoid overusing pronouns, which is a good indicator that the copy is focusing too much on the law firm and not the client.
  8. Make it clear how the law firm can benefit the potential client.

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