Basics of Legal Marketing (Part 1)

The business of practicing law has changed.  While the ethical standards and the actual legal work that you do remain fairly constant, the business side of your law firm is changing.  A few decades ago, it may have been sufficient to hang out a shingle and put your name in the yellow pages, but those marketing strategies are no longer enough.

In order to compete effectively with the other lawyers in your market, you need to change your business marketing strategies.  You need to understand the basic principles of legal marketing and be willing to implement them.

For many lawyers, the first step is to understand what you are really trying to do.  You are trying to attract the clients whom you want to represent and you are competing against aggressive and both ethical and unethical lawyers to get that business. 

This will require a complex lawyer marketing strategy.  Everything from the way that you answer your phone to your website, from your printed ads to your monthly client newsletters, will be important in developing your strategy and attracting clients.

The investment of time, energy and money that you make in developing a complex and ethical small law firm marketing strategy will help you stand out from your competition, compete in today's marketplace, and lead the lifestyle that you want.

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Ben Glass
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