Many attorneys ask if it is worth the time and effort to seek a Better Business Bureau endorsement. The short answer is, yes. A BBB endorsement can enhance your attorney marketing by promoting your law firm as trustworthy.

For many Americans, a BBB endorsement is synonymous with trustworthiness. In fact, consumer groups advise the public to check for BBB accreditation before doing business online.

When a law firm has been accredited by the BBB, it means that the firm meets the BBB standards for trust. While the general public may not be familiar with the standards and may not know the criteria for accreditation, they do realize that not all businesses qualify. People believe that a BBB accreditation sets a law firm apart from other firms and makes it more trustworthy. Because the BBB is a symbol of trustworthiness, it is worthwhile to display a BBB seal on your legal website.

You can apply for BBB accreditation with the Better Business Bureau in the city where your business is located. If the local BBB determines that you meet accreditation standards, you will be permitted to sign a license agreement with BBB. The license will allow you to identify your law firm as a BBB Accredited Business and to use the BBB seal on your website, business cards, print ads, and other forms of law firm marketing.

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