The number one case generator for BenGlassLaw is my website. The number two case generator is the newsletter that I have been sending out a monthly basis for years.

Most lawyers make a major mistake in spending a time of money to acquire client or potential client and then never marketing to that person again even if I end up representing them. Lawyers who do figure out the newsletter can be a killer marketing tool often mess things up by sending the newsletter less than monthly or, heaven forbid, by being ultra cheap and e-mailing it. (With less than 15% of all e-mails be opened this is about the dumbest thing in lawyer marketing the history of the world.)

A great law firm newsletter is opened and read. Clients call when they don't get it on time. It does take work, however, to produce. Now, because of the request of my great legal marketing members, we can now help get that done for you.

Find out more information about the Ben Glass Great Legal Marketing newsletter system here.
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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