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How do you utilize marketing tools to promote your law firm?  Below are a list of topics that we will be discussing at my Great Legal Marketing Summit in September:

  • The importance of printed newsletters
  • What behind the scenes software never seen in typical lawyer journals or at trade shows are the top laywers using to both manage their practices, their Internet resources, and their marketing?
  • Why writing books that have nothing to do with the law can be such a powerful client magnet and how to find ways to get this done quickly, easily, and inexpensively
  • Learn our "top 10 list" of the most devastating marketing mistakes that most solo and small firm lawyers are making today... eliminate just half of these mistakes and you will see your income rise before spending another dime on advertising 
  • Why 2014 will be the most difficult time in the history of lawyer advertising for marketing your firm on the Internet and how you can be well-positioned now by planting the right seeds to make sure that you are still "all over the place" in an ethical and effective manner
  • Every visitor to your website is leaving a trail of valuable data for you.  Honestly, there is no privacy left in America - you can accept that fact or you can keep doing what you did yesterday - the smart lawyers are using this data to constantly refine their marketing messages and there is a simple way to get this done
  • Celebrities get paid more than non-celebrities.  We will show you howt o develop your own TV program where celebrity guests in your community will not only be begging you to be invited onto your show but also then driving their customes, clients, and patients to watch
  • The secret to increasing cash flow while dominating the Internet in small cities and towns near where you work with the ethical use of satellite offices that cost almost nothing to create
  • How one of New York's top medical malpractice attorneys runs a very busy practice, takes a ton of vacations every year, and still manages to pump out hundreds of videos that firmly establish him as the "wise man of the of the top of the mountain" for medmal in the most competitive market in the world
  • How to get lead generation through your website without expensive pay-per-click campaigns that the marketing vultures are selling to both you and your local competition
  • How to stay ahead of Google's constant algorithm changes - they may not always seem fair, but you must play by their rules - or face the "black hole" of internet death
  • Why quality video must be a part of your site; and how to pump out videos that will be watched even if you've got a face that only your mother could love
  • The latest in social media, especially as it relates to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, AVVO, and more.  While you can't ignore social media, you also can't allow yourself to get distracted by every single new fangled shiny object that comes down the pike
  • Why "live chat" can be a boon or bust for your site and how to choose a chat operator that won't be a "sales prevention" force
  • The "new" rules of SEO for solo and small firm lawyers
  • Why claiming and optimizing your Google local listings may be critical to your internet success and how to make sure that you show up more prominently than your competitors
  • A proven strategy for getting and using client testimonials that won't get you in hot water with your State Bar no matter where you practice
  • What repurposing is and how it's a key to getting things done on the Web, because those of us who see our major role as "publishers" are killing it with our practices


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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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