Everyone wants his or her business to have the best marketing. For lawyers, the best marketing is on the Internet. The majority of your new clients will come from your Internet marketing efforts if your website is prominent in Google search results and your content is written to turn readers into clients.

How to Turn an Internet Visitor into a Law Firm Client

The key to turning an Internet searcher into a paying client is to make your content all about how you can help the person searching for legal help. Specifically, it is useful to consider:
  • Entering the conversation already going on in the searcher’s head. The searcher has questions that he wants answered by an attorney. Try to anticipate and answer those questions in your website content.
  • Providing something useful (and free) for those looking for help. Consider writing a consumer guide or book in your practice area. Additionally, consider making informational videos that are easily accessed on your website.
  • Providing both immediate information and follow-up information. The information that you provide, such as a book, should be available immediately. Then, your automated systems should send follow up emails and stay in contact with the person who requested the information.

Best Marketing for Lawyers at Your Law Firm Can Start Today

Think about whether you are serious about changing your attorney marketing practices. If you are, and if you are part of a small law firm of five or fewer attorneys. then we encourage you to contact our experienced legal marketing consultants at 703.591.9829.

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