Google, and other search engines, often tweak their formulas so that different criteria determine what shows up first in search results. Bar associations may alter their rules about attorney advertising. When these types of things happen, you may notice that you begin to get notifications about different legal marketing seminars geared toward a specific change or a narrow area of legal advertising. While these types of conferences may be useful, they are likely not where you want to spend the majority of your egal marketing conference budget – especially if you are just beginning to get serious about legal marketing.

Why a Conference about the Latest Trends May Not Be Right for You

There are two primary reasons why a conference that focuses only on the latest trends may not be right for you:

  • The conference may be too specific. If the conference, for example, focuses only on the latest internet search engine trends, then you might be missing out on the bigger picture of creating a great legal website and non-internet forms for marketing.
  • Trends change. Often. If you decide to attend a conference about the current trends then you should be prepared to attend many more as the details change. Since the details change so often, the big picture of legal marketing remains important.

Of course, while a conference that focuses only on the latest trends may not be the best choice a conference that does not discuss the latest trends may also not be the best choice. Trends are important. While they change fast, they have a big impact on your marketing and should not be ignored.

How to Find the Legal Marketing Conference That Is Right for You

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