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Great fodder for your blog posts often comes from your opinions on news events that are relevant to your practice. One of the content strategies I've seen on some lawyers' websites is to blog about current events going on in their area that clients are likely to be searching for.

When your lawyer blog contains those keywords like "DUI accident on I-75 Kentucky" or "New York Social Security law changed" your blog is going to pop up along with the actual news stories because you're talking about the same incident. This is a fun trick to use when trying to boost your presence on Google, and it's completely ethical to do.*

* a word of caution, you may want to include instructions for allowing friends or family to request you remove a blog if the news story is sensitive such as a wrongful death.

I personally blog on news topics that interest me, and may interest my clients, on my Great Legal Marketing news blog. When I hear about state Bar changes or issues with legal marketing and lawyer advertising, or if a friend gets their own name in the news, I pop up an entry with my 2 cents and enjoy a nice little boost of traffic from clients searching for that same information.

You can piggyback on the celebrity status of local news stories and events, as well as the success of your colleagues, by utilizing their news in your blogs. There's more to ethically using celebrities in your legal marketing, and my article goes into further detail about how to accomplish this and still stay on the good side of your state Bar. 

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