Branding Your Law Firm With Your Name or Logo

When people think logos they imagine the McDonalds' golden arches, or Nike's iconic swoosh. These are graphical reminders of the company, and the very sight of them calls their name to mind. They didn't have to be obvious either, they just had to be on everything related to that company and they became a synonym for that name.

Your law firm may not want a logo, they can often be seen as unprofessional and many attorneys stick to just text and names. That's fine, as long as it's consistent. If you're looking to create brand recognition with your names and nothing more, you need to choose one constant style of type. No matter the font, size, or color, you need to develop the style for your name and stick with it.

The more your clients see your name written in the same typeface, color and font, the more they'll remember it. Repetition is key with most forms of legal marketing, and logo branding is no different. You can resize the names to fit on business cards and blow them up for banners, but you need to keep the basic design the same to create a visual connection between your name and your office.

Benefitting from the power of free giveaways involves more than just developing good logo recognition. Check out my article to learn the best items to put your logo on and where to promote them. 

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