Breaking News Can Mean Groundbreaking Opportunity

You have to expand your way of thinking about marketing, if you want to find new opportunities.  No matter what size law firm you have, no one wants to waste money on ineffective attorney advertising.  Instead, you want to search out avenues to make your law firm known, without spending a fortune.  One such avenue has to do with current news.

Breaking News Will Happen
Whatever type of law you practice, at some point in time, there will be some breaking news that relates to you.  When it happens, it is your chance to offer your expertise and guidance.  That could mean you offer your book for free as a public service, or create articles with helpful tips.  At the very least, you could blog about the news and give your opinion or advice.

Be Ready to Provide Your Expertise
In the book, 6 Steps to Free Publicity, the author, Marcia Yudkin, gives an example of a career counselor looking for clients. According to Yudkin, “if more people were finding jobs, the up-to-the-minute hook would be ‘How Not to Be Left Behind in the Current Rehiring,’ whereas if joblessness stayed the same or worsened, the timely pitch might be ‘Micro-Targeted Resumes Win Jobs Despite Hiring Lull.’”

Marketing doesn’t have to be confined to the traditional methods – Yellow Pages, TV commercials and outdoor billboards.  Think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to try new ideas.

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