Effective and innovative legal marketing campaigns are appropriately targeted to a certain audience. However, just because the audience is targeted does not mean that the marketing strategies need to be, or should be, targeted. Instead, just the opposite is true. While your law firm marketing strategies should be well thought out and planned, it is important to have a diverse and broad marketing campaign in place so that you can reach many potential clients.

Why Do I Need to Advertise my Law Firm in Different Ways?

Think about the reasons why a client calls a specific lawyer when a legal issue arises. Often, it is because:

  • The client already knows the lawyer.
  • The lawyer has been referred from a trusted source.
  • The client has searched for a lawyer.
  • The lawyer is the last person the client heard of on the radio or TV.

A broad attorney marketing plan can make a prospective client call for each of these reasons. Of course, some of your clients will come because you know them personally or as referrals from existing or former clients. Additionally, a broad marketing plan helps you show up at the top of internet search results, establishes you as an expert in your field, and commonly has you on TV and radio in various capacities, such as an expert consultant or commentator. 

How Do I Learn More about This and Other Innovative Legal Marketing ideas?

Interested in learning more? If you are an attorney at a small law firm then please call one of our legal marketing consultants directly at 703.591.9829 to learn more.

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