You may be under the impression that the Yellow Pages are a dying medium—and, in most parts or the country, you'd be exactly right. People who live in areas saturated with broadband connections, or in major metropolitan areas, rarely have recourse to the Yellow Pages, and there are grade-schoolers alive today who have no idea what this term even means!

In retirement communities, though, or in areas of the country behind the broadband curve, the Yellow Pages are more than just a punchline: they're a way for a person to quickly and easily locate the number of a business or professional.

Since, on the whole, the entire printed telephone directory industry is fighting for its life, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that even a big-box Yellow Pages ad costs a lot less than it did ten or even five years ago. The fact is that as the “subscriber base” of the Yellow Pages plummets downward, publishers have no choice but to lower the fees charged to prospective advertisers.

Even if you live in an area where you haven't glimpsed a phone book for years, this investment is still worthwhile, because somewhere in your community, a person stuck in a hotel room or a retirement community is looking to hire a lawyer—and doesn't have access to, or any interest in accessing, the Internet.

Granted, the Yellow Pages should not be the main thrust of your law practice marketing campaign—but you can at least make it a small component, which potentially has the ability to deliver an outsized return.

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