You’ve probably noticed that your employees work a little harder when they see you walking around the office. In a similar way, recording the customer calls that come into your law firm can spur employees to go the extra mile in customer service.

But call recording is not just a training opportunity—it can also affect the way your firm performs its marketing. By evaluating the path a successful call takes, employees can adjust their phone performance to match, making it more likely future customers will be converted.

  • Time and pickup. Was the phone answered in a timely manner? Were there distracting background noises, such as loud music or yelling? Did the staff member neglect to pick up the phone?
  • Too much information. Your staff may be hitting all the right marks on the script, but it takes more than that to convert the caller to a client. Your team members should do more than just offer fee information and offer to send a book; they need to build a relationship with each caller.
  • Language. Listen to the words your staff members are using. Are they promising things you can’t deliver, or being too non-committal? Pay attention to the manner in which they answer questions they don’t know the answers to: do they make answers up, or promise to get back to the customer with the facts?
  • People skills. You probably place a high value on interpersonal skills when hiring new staff members, and the same should go for those who answer your phones. People calling your firm may be agitated, frightened, or in pain, and your staff member has to meet them with a reassuring tone of voice, pausing to listen as they explain what they have gone through.

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