You've taken our lawyer marketing advice and created a nice looking legal website with video and book offers. It lists all your practice areas: workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, defective consumer products, medical malpractice, dog bites, slip and falls, family law, wills, and real estate. Each section is full of relevant information. How could your website do anything but bring in new clients?

Consider this. If you have a medical problem, you may go to a general practitioner for a referral, but wouldn't you prefer to have a specialist treat you? People with legal problems feel the same way. They want to get the best legal expertise for their dollar. When an attorney lists too many practice areas, he sounds like a jack-of-all trades desperate for any case that is headed his way. Would you go to a doctor that listed heart surgery, dermatology, orthopedics, and obstetrics as specialties?

A satellite site that focuses on one aspect of your practice is a good way to build a niche and sell yourself as an expert. All content on the site should be focused on one practice area. There are two advantages to creating satellite sites:

  1. Your firm is set up as experts: When a client is looking for an expert, he is likely to choose the law firm with a fully loaded web site dedicated to the topic.

  2. You can dominate Google searches: If both your main site and satellite site show up on page one of Google, you are pushing your competitors to page two.

Remember, to stay on page one of Google, all web sites require fresh and unique content on a regular basis. Copying articles from your main site will cause Google to mark your site as a duplicate. This will hurt your Google ratings.

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