There is an interesting mentality that many people have about law firm marketing, and that is that a lawyer should try to go out and attract every single potential client that’s surfing the web or Yellow Pages, offer them a free consultation, and take their case. Money is money, right? Then these same lawyers wonder why they have dozens of cases with little or no potential and can’t get out of the office until eight or nine at night.

The good news is, you don’t have to bring in every case out there. You can pick and choose the cases you want by carving out your niche and going for the right clients and the right cases for your law firm and your time. 

No one Googles “lawyer” and finds the right law firm right away. This is somewhat a double-edged sword. The guy at the gym who called you an ambulance chaser is probably the same guy who asked if he had a legal right to trim his neighbor’s tree. People don’t always understand that you are a criminal defense attorney, personal injury lawyer, business attorney, or some other specialty lawyer. They just see “lawyer.”

That is exactly why you have an opportunity to showcase yourself in your specific practice areas and specialties. Market your firm as the one and only lawyer to see in the field they’re looking for, and they won’t just see “lawyer.” They will see the lawyer they need for their case. From then on, you can pick and choose the cases you want based on the case and the type of client you want to work with.

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