Challenging Yourself to Change

When I tell attorneys about my legal marketing strategies through my Great Legal Marketing mastermind groups and conferences, not all them are happy about what I have to say.

Some are looking for that "magic bullet", the one easy thing they can do to change their life. It's not so easy. There is no magic bullet or just one simple thing.

My legal marketing strategies include a lot of different lawyer marketing methods and tips that have proven to help lawyers across the U.S. and Canada, but if there were a magic bullet, it wouldn't be a marketing strategy; it would be the ability to think about your law practice differently.

Challenging yourself to lose all of those ingrained ideas about what it means to run a law practice and start running your firm like a successful business is really difficult for a lot of lawyers. I get a lot of "oh no Ben, my law firm is different" or other similar excuses from lawyers who just don't want to leave their comfort zone. And that's fine.

If you are: happy with how your law firm is growing; making a great profit; working on the cases you enjoy most; and running your law firm the old fashioned way, that's great! You obviously don't need any help.

But if you're not truly satisfied and want to expand your law firm into a thriving business, you need to stop thinking about traditional lawyer advertising and start thinking like a business owner.

If you can step up to the challenge and open your mind to the possibility of doing things differently, then you have the ability to change and make your life, and law firm, better in the process. It all starts with this concept. If law is and always will be your "jealous mistress", at least you won't have to worry about all the time and money you could save by running your firm differently. 

Learn more about saying No the jealous mistress known as law by visiting my library. 

The strategies outlined in my book, Great Legal Marketing, offer the legal marketing tips and strategies that help you stop thinking like everyone else and help you grow the law practice you actually want! Contact Great Legal Marketing today to learn more about the Ben Glass approach to legal marketing that actually works. - (703) 591-9829   

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