It’s been a few weeks since you started your law firm’s radio advertising campaign. You’re tracking the business that’s coming in, and it’s good—but not great. You want to improve the return you’re getting from your ads, but you don’t want to sacrifice the clients that you are already reaching. How can you tell what’s not working, and how can you change it for the better?

Here are a few ways you can shake up your legal radio advertising:

  • Change your message. You should always test your ads to see what your potential clients think of them. Are they too pushy? Are they just not interesting? Beware of any feedback that the ad is “fine”: this means it is easily tuned out or forgotten. 
  • Increase exposure. If you think the ad itself is still strong, try increasing the frequency. If your station has a call-in portion of a show that relates to your field, don’t be afraid to weigh in. Many radio stations also have websites where they run transcripts, take polls, and offer links; see about adding your web link to their ranks.
  • Change the time block. If you’re not doing well during the morning hours, try afternoon or overnight ads. Check your tracking results to discover which days and times brought in the most callers.

Don’t be afraid to be bold and make changes, but only make one change at a time. If you switch your ad, time, and station, you’re never going to know what wasn’t working—and you may lose more clients than you gain.

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