Choose Your Specific Market and Watch Your Competition Fade Away

If you found out you had a rare illness, would you want to be treated by a doctor who has helped patients just like you and has a specialized treatment plan? Or would you want a doctor who has a broad practice, treats any ailment imaginable and takes more of a “one-size-fits-all” approach to medicine?  I know which doctor I would choose.

It’s no secret that specialized products generate more sales than generic products.  People want what is made just for them. As a lawyer and marketer, you need to understand this legal marketing concept and take appropriate action. That means you need to decide to which specific group (niche) you are going to target your marketing.

Attorneys who have chosen to focus on a niche have created successful practices and here’s why:
  • It is cost effective. When you have a narrow focus, you can allocate your marketing dollars to the right group. You are not up against the masses, who are trying to reach a large target market.
  • The marketing message is much clearer.  People who need legal help often get overwhelmed when looking for a lawyer. That’s no surprise. Just take a look at the Yellow Pages and billboards lining the freeways. Law firms include a laundry list of practice areas in their ads. When you focus on a niche, you can make your marketing message stand out.
  • Competition begins to disappear. Decide which clients you are going after and you will see your competition fade away. For example, be the lawyer who helps the Spanish speaking community or mainly handles traumatic brain injury cases. You’ll quickly position yourself as the law firm to call for that niche market.

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