Closed Minds Kill Entrepreneurial Attorney Marketing

Entrepreneurs are admired for their ability to break free from the norm and forge ahead in their profession. A sense of fearlessness and an open mind are key traits that are shared by many business leaders we consider entrepreneurs in their field. It's this open-minded mentality that allows successful lawyers to discover the right combination of marketing tools to help their law firm thrive.

Too often, I see lawyers develop their attorney marketing strategy by looking at their competition and copying exactly what they're doing, only louder/bigger. They'll see the new trends coming out like Facebook and YouTube and think "that's for THOSE kinds of businesses, a law firm is special." Guess what, your law firm is a business.

Law firms that reject all marketing venues that aren't being used by other lawyers are missing out on a golden opportunity. If no other lawyers are taking advantage of that marketing venue, why not be the first? At the very least, you'll be standing out from the competition because on that venue, there is none.

Humans would have never gotten anywhere had it not been for the brave entrepreneurs who decided to throw away traditional methods and try something risky and new. If you want to escape the average lawyer label and become an extraordinary entrepreneur in your area, my article can get you started. 

There's a lot more to learn if you want to build your practice full of happy clients, reasonable hours and a 6-figure salary. Start by requesting a FREE copy of my marketing CD and report. Consider it a step toward transforming your law firm into a successful and highly profitable business - (703) 591-9829.

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