Here’s a tough question for attorneys interested in legal marketing: should free offer books be written to impress potential clients or to help potential clients? 

One of the most common mistakes we see when reading free downloadable ebooks written by attorneys is that far, far too much effort has been put into impressing readers and far too little effort put into helping readers with their legal problems. The most common way lawyers attempt to impress in their free offer book? Using technical, 25-cent words and legal terms that go over the heads of anyone who hasn’t attended law school.

When it comes to free legal guides, clarity is your best friend

Forget long sentences and huge blocks of text. Forget words that you don’t hear in everyday conversations. Forget every single paper you wrote in law school. Instead, focus on simplicity, clarity, and straightforward sentence structures. Don’t think of it as “dumbing down” your natural written tone, think of it as explaining a legal issue to someone who hasn’t taken a bar exam. Think about how your doctor explains medical issues to you—or how your mechanic explains what’s wrong with your car. They manage to let you know what’s happening without dragging you into the depths of their expertise.

A friendly structure and design can add readability

You don’t want your ebook to be structured like a legal contract. Readers will most likely want to skim the guide for the information that’s most important to their case, so give them opportunities to find that information through the liberal use of subheads, bulleted lists, and visual aids. A well-designed guide is just as important as a well-written guide.

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