The goal of your bankruptcy lawyer marketing efforts is to get potential clients, with the type of cases that you want to represent, to contact you. You may have the best law firm marketing plan in the world, but if clients do not take the necessary step of contacting your law firm then your marketing dollars are wasted and your practice will not change.

Despite the significant importance of having potential clients contact them, some lawyers are still relying on a simple contact us button in one place on their website. They are banking on the fact that their website visitors will be interested enough to take the time to find that button. Some potential clients may do that, but others may not, and potential clients may be lost.

A Contact Us Button is Good – but it is Not Enough

Your goal in marketing a bankruptcy law firm is to make it as easy as possible for clients to contact you. To that end you should consider having the following options available on your bankruptcy law firm website:

  • A live chat box. This box gives users the option of making immediate contact with an operator.
  • A book, or other publication, that is of interest to potential clients. In exchange for the book, you can collect contact information for the future.
  • Prominently displayed phone numbers. Your phone number should appear often and not just on the contact us page.

Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Marketing Should Result in Responses

To get responses, however, you need to make it easy for website visitors to respond. Please read our Great Legal Marketing book and call us directly at 703.591.9829 to learn more.

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