If you’ve been reading our Great Legal Marketing tips for a while, you have probably heard talk about both content and optimization. These are both important facets of your attorney marketing campaign, but the important thing to understand is that they are most effective when used together. In fact, too many attorneys shoot themselves in the foot by ignoring one or the other.

Consider the effect on your website if you have:

  • Content without Optimization. Imagine writing all the content for your practice area pages, including articles and blog posts for each one. They’re full of tips and information that speak to your years of experience in the courtroom—and there’s even more great stuff in the free guides you’re offering to prospective clients. However, your site hasn’t been optimized, so none of your ideal clients are going to find your great site. No matter how great your speech is, you’re speaking to an empty room.
  • Optimization Without (Good) Content. You’ve done it: you’re on page one of Google. Anyone looking for an attorney within a hundred miles has to go through your page first. But while you may get thousands of hits per day, they’re all leaving your site within minutes—sometimes seconds—of arriving. You may have made it easy for them to find your front door, but there’s nothing to keep them there once they show up.

The Internet is without a doubt the greatest marketing engine the world has ever seen—but if you don’t know how to take advantage of it, you are doomed to waste time and money while your competition reaps its benefits.

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