In June 2013, Dan Kennedy's Titanium mastermind group (the top level group at GKIC) stayed an extra day to record a mastermind discussion of their best million dollar ideas for other business owners. Ben Glass is the only attorney in that group.

Whether or not you've ever participated in a true mastermind, with really, really, smart folks in the room, you are going to love this over 4 hour recording.

After the initial recording, Ben went back into the studio to enhance the product to make it even better for lawyers, after all, that's what he is. My additional comments and notes in the transcript would be perfect for any professional looking to use Dan Kennedy / GKIC style marketing in their professional practice.

There is full ordering information for Dan Kennedy's Titanium Mastermind Recordings 2013 here.

Now, here are the “wizards of moneymaking” that I’ve spent a year with and now you’ll hear revealing their best strategies in these remarkable recordings:

• Dr. Tom Orent
Dr. Orent is the recognized leader in building strong, profitable dental practices. Dentists pay over $60,000 to be coached by Tom for a year.

No, your practice is NOT different

• Bill Gough
Bill is the leading marketing coach to the Allstate® insurance agent community. If you think your business is commoditized, wait till you hear my friend Bill. He’s built an enormously profitable business and insurance against pennies per transaction. Imagine what you could do with your law practice if you knew what he knows.

• Craig Simpson
Craig is author of ‘The Direct Mail Solution’, and the go-to guy on direct-mail lists. If you are in a practice area where list selection is important and working with a great list broker can make or break your year, you need to know and hear from Craig.

• Steve Adams
Steve is operator of 21 exceptionally successful retail stores, author, publisher. I know, your business is different! Steve’s business is HARDER to make a profit with than ours.

• Jim, Cavale & Forrest Walden
They are franchisors of Iron Tribe Fitness. Google ‘em. These guys are famous.

• Curtis Dawn
Curtis is home-based business expert.

• Mike Crow
Mike is leader of a nationwide network of home inspectors. Our coaching members should remember the fantastic call I did with Mike earlier this year. He’s enormously successful in a low transaction business. I’ve already “stolen” a bunch of his ideas and implemented them at Ben Glass Law.

• Ron & Jill Wolforth
Ron and Jill are coaching exceptionally talented young baseball players and parents at their “ranch” in Texas.

• Andy Mackensen
Andy is innovative developer/franchisor of “healthy vending” for schools, stores, gyms. Andy has won a bunch of awards just this year for the way he is changing the vending machine industry and helping lead the fight against obestity. Listen to him and you’ll be running to your local high school principal screaming to get one of his machines in your school.

• Andrei Kossyrine (from Russia)
Andrei is internet marketing champion. Andrei flies in from Russia for each meeting. You’d think that you almost couldn’t have a worse environment that Russia be entrepreneurial and make money. This guy is a rock star.

• Robin Robbins
Robin is #1 technology/IT business marketing advisor  - B2B marketing expert. If you know an IT tech who is doing creative marketing they are probably one of Robins’ students.  Robin is the group’s expert, in my view, in “knowing your numbers” and in tracking exactly what each marketing dollar is producing for her business. Just one of her ideas implemented in your practice will pay for this CD/transcript set in a week.

• Donna Krech
Donna is provider of complete marketing and business development systems, primarily in health and wellness businesses. Go ahead, “Google” her. She’s another one who is famous.

• Lily Noon
Lily is publisher, online media publisher and event promoter of the #1 international celebrity-author in Feng Shui, and of other leading experts. What she does in the Feng Shui business to create interest and grow a tribe of raving fans can, once understood, vastly improve your circle of influence.

• Keith Lee
Keith is management systems coach – for hiring, training, managing and motivating high performance teams. Oh, the oft neglected side of running a law firm – management!

• Richard James
Richard is business/marketing automation specialist with emphasis on fully monetizing unconverted leads. Richard, by the vote of the Titanium members, was our “member of the year.” This was in recognition for his contributions to the group throughout the year. He’s an Infusionsoft expert who GLM members will be hearing a lot more from going forward.

• Adams Hudson
Adams is newsletter marketing expert; publisher of exclusive customer newsletters for operators of heating/air conditioning and other home services businesses. This is another business where, after you hear what Adams has to say you will smack yourself in the head and say, “if the heating and air conditioning guys can do it, why the heck is my law firm marketing so crappy?”

• Nelson Searcy
Nelson is #1 coach to senior pastors and church leaders, on launching and growing successful churches. Nelson’s theory (and mine) is that if you have a “message” that can change lives, why not tell others about it. YOU can change lives with your law practice. Just listen to how he builds churches.

• Chauncey Hutter Jr.

Chauncey is leading marketing advisor to the tax preparation industry. Chauncey is a long-time Dan Kennedy fan and, like me, took Dan’s principle and applied them to the tax preparation business. Again, if THEY can do it so can you.


The brief descriptions above definitely do NOT do these folks justice. Getting to brainstorm and share experiences with this bunch has been worth a fortune to me – and you getting to eavesdrop on our high speed, high level mastermind-style discussion of ‘best strategies’ can be worth a fortune to you, too.

And look at the INCREDIBLE DIVERSITY reflected in this roster – combined, these thought-leaders influence well over 500,000 entrepreneurs, professionals, retailers, service business operators, even pastors every year. You can’t find a type of business or moneymaking activity left untouched by this “league of extraordinary entrepreneurs”!  Most, by the way, even have more than one business. Their experience is RICH. Their curiosity BOUNDLESS. Their invention and innovation BOLD. Their ability to IDENTIFY HIDDEN OPPORTUNITIES for you, UNRIVALED. And, of course, they and this discussion are led by none other than Dan Kennedy, who has more than 20 years’ experience leading these kinds of groups and in drawing the best out of them. When you “step into THIS roundtable discussion, in THIS room”, you enter a unique powerhouse of critical and dynamic thinking devoted to one central, shared purpose: MAKING MONEY! – and helping and coaching others in doing the same. We are all about RESULTS that matter, that strengthen, that improve great business enterprises and their good service to others.

By the way, it requires about $30,000.00 and a certain level of success to be permitted to be in this group. But for us, the “time cost” is much more significant, as we must leave our homes and businesses and travel to Dan’s home-base, Cleveland, Ohio, three times a year and “camp out” and really WORK, long hours, too. We work on each others’ businesses. We work at mastermind-style problem-solving, opportunity-finding, and money-making. For your benefit, we invested an extra day, to participate in this special roundtable discussion of ‘Our Best Strategies’, recorded live. Each person in the group would bill their time for a consulting or coaching day at $10,000.00, $15,000.00, $20,000.00, some more – so were you to collect them and helm this same ‘Best Strategies’ discussion for yourself, it would easily cost you $200,000.00 to $400,000.00. I’m happy to tell you, I will hand it over to you “on a silver platter”, for a whole lot less!

I cannot imagine your curiosity about our wide-ranging, spontaneous ‘best strategies’ roundtable failing you or me. So, now is the time to get these mind-blowing audio recordings (raw and unedited!) along with printed, edited transcripts ready for your yellow hi-liter pen and margin notes and corner-folding, to mark the action items you will convert to cash!

Ben Glass
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