Danger Will Robinson: StarPosition.com

More unsolicited email from yet another web company.

You have to ask....how good can they really be when they send me (a personal injury lawyer in Virginia) an email directed to divorce lawyers in Austin?

But hey, you be the judge!!!

(I espcially like the part about the "other" 13 search engines!!!!!)

Here it is:

Subject: Divorce Lawyers--Please read


I represent a company called Star Position, a company that does what's known as advanced search engine placement. We reach a Network of over 35 million people who are predominantly US based. Our Network is entirely opt-in, and the users on our Network allow us to present them with a preferred choice whenever they are looking for anything on the top sixteen search engines. (GOOGLE, YAHOO, MSN and thirteen others.)

I seek one source to send the users on our Network, from the major search engines, for divorce lawyers in Austin and surrounding markets.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I am in the office daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Pacific time.
Best regards,
Kathleen Daigle
Sales Manager, Star Position
Phone: 800.481.2979, ext 2003
Ben Glass
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