Decline of the Mega Legal Directory Websites (It's been going on for years, actually)

Kevin O'Keefe reports today on the decline of the Mega Legal Directory sites such as Findlaw and

I think this has been true for years. Consumers who use the Internet to find lawyers have, by and large, never even heard of these directory sites. They just go to Google and type in their search request.

Should one of them luck upon Findlaw or they are faced with an array of look-a-like websites with now real ability to differentiate one firm from the next.

Lawyers need to get better at marketing. Build and "talk to" your database 12-18 times per year. Perfect you system for getting and managing leads that come through your website and, if you are in the Yellow Pages, figure out a different message and make an irresistable offer. Its really not that hard but it does require thinking 'outside the box.'

By the way, I'm making an irresistable offer at this web site. You can get three hours of highlight of a recent marketing seminar for $4.95. (the cost of postage.)

I can guarantee that you will learn something (and it won't be what the yellow page reps are 'teaching' you while they have their hands on your wallet!

Ben Glass
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