There’s no way to stop progress. Technology renews the way we think, act and do business on a daily basis—and if you don’t keep up, you’re likely to be left behind.

Just as people threw out tapes when CDs came along, many potential customers are unwilling to dial phone numbers or even write an email: if it isn’t easy, they probably won’t do it. That’s why all of your website client conversion tactics CANNOT be tied into one form, be it a phone number, a Facebook page, or a free newsletter. You have to think outside the box.

Here are a few key ways to turn website readers into clients:

  • Social media. Afraid of Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites? Many other attorneys aren’t—and it makes a difference. It may seem silly to have a Facebook page for your practice, but you want to put your business where people feel comfortable and “hang out”—even if it’s a virtual community.
  • Live Chat. People don’t want to wait for someone to call them back or respond to a message: they want answers now. A Live Chat widget on your site allows them instant access to a real person, and could be well worth the time and resources you put into training an operator.
  • Free reports. Offering additional information that isn’t available on your site is a powerful tool in starting a conversation. Someone who orders your book is more likely to call for a consultation, since they feel they already know you.

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