Do You Have What It Takes To Improve Your Marketing Strategy?

Our Great Legal Marketing Summit is for the very serious and ambitious who know that they deserve more out of their practice but recognize that just "deserving" something and thinking it will happen is, well, a loser's mentality.

If you are willing to:

  • take a very entrepreneurial and businesslike approach to the practice of law
  • work harder on your practice - guided by some of the smartest folks on the planet of this subject
  • invest time, energy and money in to your practice, knowing that you WILL reap what you sow
  • put away your cell phone, tablets, and computers and listen and interact with us for just two days
  • accept the 4 truths about really making money in the practice of law
  • ignore the "advice" of the marketing vultures who think that "advertising is a lottery and the more tickets you buy the better your chance of winning (I have this guy on a recording) because they don't know crap about how consumers search for a lawyer and what they are looking for
  • resist the urge to reach for every "glittering shiny object" that comes your way

Then you should join us in September.

"For the first time ever, I feel confident in my ability to attract good clients and build my firm into the business that it was meant to be.  I spent much of the last 9 years either pregnant (read: TIRED) or caring for a newborn (read: EXHAUSTED) andwith young boys at home I never focused on marketing (AT ALL), until I wound up with almost no clients (and no money).  Time to step it up a notch (or a thousand), especially if my little guys are going to have a secure future.  I would not have known how to do it without you.  THANKS A MILLION!!!

P.S. I have also finally had a chance to look at my competitors' and the big gorillas' websites.  None are Foster Web and they ALL SUCK!  One of them had a "resources" tab which I thought might lead to some informational marketing and do you know what it was?  Links to the National Weather Service, the U.S. Senate (yeah, real helpful for people worried about custody), and to the New York Times (we live near Chicago!).  I am laughing because I know that soon, thanks to what you have taught me, I am going to blow these people out of the water!"

Carol Cadiz
Attorney at Law, PC
Schaumburg, IL


Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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