Do You Know What Your Online Legal Advertising Campaign is Selling?

As you design your web marketing strategy, consider this question: what is your law firm selling?

If you said legal services, a brand name, or excellent litigation, guess again. Your selling point is a simple goal: getting the consumer to initiate contact with you. If it works, it is a success; if not, it has failed.

There are three ways you can address your selling point:

1.      Phone number. This is now considered an “old-school” method, but it still works—particularly with word-of-mouth clients or other people who feel like they already know you.

2.      Contact widget. Younger people are less likely to initiate contact with a phone call, preferring to remain detached and communicate online. A contact form is the absolute minimum you should consider; it's faster for the online shopper than calling up an email program. A more sophisticated approach is a 24-hour instant messaging system staffed by a professional contact handling firm.

3.      Free books. Your ad must include a free offer, such as a booklet, compact disc, or guide that will get your client to contact you. This way, you will have their contact information added to your client list.

Why is getting your reader’s contact information so important? Because once you have that information, you are free to make the sale at your leisure.

The attorneys who are using 30-second TV spots to appeal to their audience will go in one ear and out the other, with no way to remind the customer of their services. But by providing information, you are educating your prospective client and relying on that handout to make the sale for you. In a few days, you can follow up with a phone call, asking if the information was helpful. You’re building a relationship instead of talking at the client and hoping he bites.

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Ben Glass
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