If you're thinking of buying a display ad in your local Yellow Pages, you may have been lectured by the ad rep about “white space”—the amount of the box dedicated to empty space, versus any graphics or text you choose to put inside. The mantra you're likely to hear is that “white space sells,” because it naturally draws the reader's eye to the minimal amount of information inside the display ad, and also keeps other ads from crowding around the sides of your own.

Whether or not white space actually sells is a matter for advertising psychologists, not practicing lawyers. What you should bear in mind is that the more white space your display ad has, the less work your ad rep has to do, if she's the one in charge of designing your ad. From a salesperson's perspective, there's no sweeter deal than selling an entire page in the Yellow Pages with only the name and phone number of your law firm surrounded by an acre of white space!

White space by itself may or may not sell, but it's a proven fact that engaging, interesting copy does, especially if it addresses the needs of the kind of client you're trying to attract with your display ad. For example, you can include provocative questions:

  • ”Did your last lawyer drop the ball on your personal injury settlement?”
  • “Drunk driving is a felony—do you want a felony conviction on your permanent record?”
  • “If your disability claim is rejected again, how will you pay your bills?”

…followed by a detailed description of what you and your firm can do to help.

At Great Legal Marketing, we’re not going be dragged into the Yellow Pages / white space battle. Words matter in creative law firm marketing. We know all the techniques you can use to get the best bang for the buck with your Yellow Pages ad. Intrigued? Call our lawyer marketing professionals at 888-791-2150 to learn more today!

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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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