Legal marketing videos posted on YouTube are an excellent way to engage potential clients and grow your practice. In order to do so, however, the videos must be easily accessible. Appearing on the first page of YouTube search results is essential to the overall success of your video.


How can you improve the page ranking of your attorney marketing videos? Several factors influence search results. These factors include:


  1. Text describing your video, which provides clues to its content and its relevancy to the search questions

  2. Number of times your legal marketing video has been viewed

  3. Ratings received by viewers of your video

  4. Number of comments posted about your video

  5. How recently your video was posted

  6. Number of times your YouTube Channel was visited

  7. Number of subscribers to your YouTube Channel

  8. Number of inbound links to your video


To attract viewers, your attorney marketing video should offer interesting and exciting content. It should address the questions that your target clients are asking. Additionally, videos should be posted frequently and regularly. The more videos that turn up on a YouTube search, the more likely that a potential client will decide to view one. Multiple videos also gives the appearance that the law firm is a knowledgeable and useful resource. Finally, consider targeting your YouTube videos to address tangible areas with less competition. For example, target an ancillary practice area or less competitive geographic region that your law firm services.


To improve YouTube ranking, offer creative content, share it, and link to it as much as possible. For more information about law firm videos, contact the experts at Great Legal Marketing by filling out our online form or calling our office at 703-591-9829.

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