One of the important things to remember about Facebook protocol is that starting a discussion thread on your own page is very different from adding a comment to an ongoing discussion on another person's (or business's) page.

For example, say there's been a major scandal in your town and you want to share your legal perspective via your law firm's official Facebook page. In this post, you can be as aggressive as you want in stating your opinion; in fact, that strategy may even pay off, as friends may be inclined to share your message. You don't want to go overboard, though, which may result in negative publicity if people take offense!

If you see a discussion about this scandal taking place on the page of one of your Facebook “friends,” there's nothing to prevent you from adding a comment and joining the discussion. However, you have to keep in mind that it's considered bad form to call excessive attention to yourself and to your expertise, to post overly aggressive or combative comments, or to insult the other people who have posted in that thread. Ideally, what you want to do is to let the other participants in the discussion know that you have valuable legal expertise, which may impel them to “friend” you themselves (thus expanding your circle of potential clients) or even send you a private message. What you don't want is for these other participants to see you as an intrusive jerk, and either unfriend you or block your messages!

At Great Legal Marketing, we know how easy it is for a seemingly innocent comment on a social media page to spin out of control if you and your law firm don't know what you're doing. Want to learn more? For other tips on attorney marketing strategies, browse our website and download your free preview chapter of Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing book.

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