If you're running your first-ever TV advertising campaign, you may have flawed expectations about how many potential clients will call your firm, or access the URL you provide on-screen. If you're running your ad on local basic cable, it's unrealistic to set up a call center to handle thousands of incoming calls a day—but it can also be counterproductive to expect only one or two inquiries a week.

Let's say you're skeptical about TV, and haven't devoted enough resources to handling incoming inquiries. The danger is that if your ad happens to “hit”—who knew there were so many people in the Jacksonville area in need of a denial-of-insurance attorney?—you will be utterly overwhelmed by the dozens of inquiries a day you receive, rather than the two or three you were expecting. Your staff may literally not have the time or resources to give each incoming call the care it deserves, and the result will be a potential client who was interested enough by your TV ad to pick up his phone and call your toll-free number, yet was handled so carelessly that he'll never again consider hiring your law firm.

It's not enough simply to have enough live bodies on hand to answer the phones or respond to email inquiries—you also have to have a system in place to capture each incoming lead.

It may be that the person who viewed your ad doesn't have a case that's quite the right fit for your specialty, but he may be a potential client some time down the road. You need to capture that individual's information—his phone number, his email address, his home address—so you can plug that data into your automated law firm marketing system and keep the name of your firm active in his mind.

At Great Legal Marketing, we know that a TV ad campaign is only as good as your law firm's tracking system. Questions? Call our lawyer marketing experts at 888-791-2150 for a free consultation today!

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