No matter what state you live in, you probably have a healthy, functioning state bar association from which you're accustomed to receiving mail and other official communications. As valuable as they are to lawyers, though, there's a major downside to state bars, which is that they often come up with binding rules that don't make any sense in today's competitive landscape (say, regulating the size of the small print you include in newspaper advertisements, or what you're allowed to say on your own website).

The vast majority of lawyers in this country have virtually nothing to do with their state bar associations, and are often caught short by newly issued regulations that have actually been in the works for months or even years. Sometimes the state bar lets its members know that these changes are coming down the pipeline, but even if it does, when was the last time you read your monthly state bar newsletter all the way through?

That's why you need to sign on with Great Legal Marketing. We make it our business to keep tabs on what your state bar association is up to—not on the day it issues new regulations, but during the weeks, months and years that these changes are gestating. That way, you won't get short when your state bar requires you to remove the word “specialize” from your website or insist on vetting your law firm promotional materials three months in advance.

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