The hands-down worst excuse for advertising your law practice in a particular way is to insist that “everyone else is doing it.” And the hands-down worst reason to do this is to let a salesman convince you that all of the law firms in your area are doing the same thing, and they'll have a competitive edge if you don't participate as well.

A good example of this fallacy is those “Top 100 Lawyers” supplements you see in regional magazines. Essentially, the magazine sends out a horde of salespeople to contact every lawyer in the area, cajoling them to buy an expensive display ad in exchange for a spot on this coveted list. Eventually, enough lawyers sign up that the supplement attains critical mass—and the next wave of hucksters tells you about all the firms that have agreed to participate, the implicit threat being that if you refuse, potential customers will wonder why that guy down the street is a “Top 100” lawyer and you're not.

Seems like a pretty compelling argument, doesn't it? The problem is, even the most thickheaded consumer is likely to know by now that a “Top 100” lawyer isn't necessarily that—so boasting that you've been named a “Top 100” lawyer by a given magazine doesn't carry as much clout as it used to. And if a potential client happens to ask why you weren't named a “Top 100” lawyer, you can relish the opportunity to educate him about how the system really works, and how you're more ethical than the guy down the block because you refused to participate!

At Great Legal Marketing, we know there are better ways to promote your law practice than being listed in “Top 100” supplements. Questions? Call our legal marketing experts at 888-791-2150 to find out what we can do for you!

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