Some attorneys give up on trying to market their law firm before they even begin—why try, when the state bar association has put so many advertising and ethical rules in place that you are afraid to write content, talk about your experience, or shoot videos? Here are a few reasons to keep trying:

  • Everyone has the same constraints. All of your competition is also limited by advertising rules, so it isn’t as if anyone else has an advantage over you. Just think of them as extra rules—even if they don’t always seem fair or make sense.
  • Limitations can lead to innovation. Look at your advertising constraints as a challenge: you have to find a way to reach your ideal clients without using some of the most traditional advertising techniques. This isn’t the time to give up your marketing goals; it’s a time to get creative.
  • The rules are in place for a reason. Yes, some states have borderline absurd rules about attorney marketing and advertising—and some bar associations don’t seem to understand exactly how online marketing works. But many of the rules promote professionalism and crack down on false advertising.
  • You can still create killer marketing plans. Attorneys across the country are making awesome websites, videos, commercials, and campaigns—and their success shows that you can follow the ethical guidelines put forth by your state bar and still advertise.

At Great Legal Marketing, we are familiar with the various rules and guidelines that attorneys must work under every day when marketing their office. We can help you connect with your potential clients without compromising your ethics or your professionalism. Get started now: 888-791-2150.

Ben Glass
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Ben is a nationally recognized expert in attorney marketing and the owner of Great Legal Marketing.
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