As a lawyer, you know there are certain things you're prohibited from saying on your website: for example, you can't guarantee that you'll win any given case, or that you can collect a certain amount of damages in a personal injury suit. But you should also be careful about making other, more innocent promises, unless you're sure that you can back them up. Here are some pertinent examples:

  • ”Have a question? Email us today at xx.xx, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!”
  • ”Do you wish to speak to a live customer representative?”—assuming you have a live IM chat box on your site
  • ”Call us today at 800-XXX-XXXX and talk to a real, live lawyer!”

If a prospective client emails you a question and doesn't receive a reply within 24 hours, it's not as if he can sue you for fraud or report you to your state bar association (which would be the case if you promised him a positive outcome to his lawsuit). He can, however, choose to take his business elsewhere, as he no doubt will if he types a question into your IM window and is greeted with protracted silence, or if he calls your “24-hour” 800 number and gets a voice-mail message instead of a live lawyer.

The bottom line is that you should never promise to get back to a prospective client within a specified amount of time unless you actually have the resources, and the staff, to make this happen. A broken promise to a prospective client may not get you called before an ethics panel, but it will lose you business.

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